Partner Shop Program


About Cove Studios' Partner Shop Program

Cove Studios allows tattoo artists to book stations for a flat fee. Our vision is to have spaces all over the world to empower artists to travel and be their own boss. To do this, we’re building dedicated Cove Studios spaces and also partnering with established tattoo shops like yours.

This benefits your shop in two ways

Generate Revenue from Empty Stations

Many shops have empty stations year-round or when resident artists are away. As a Cove partner shop, you can rent these stations and earn revenue.

Draw More Attention to Your Shop

Cove attracts some of the best artists from all over the world. By having these artists working our of your shop, you'll get the attention of new customers.

How your Shop Can Participate

To participate as a Cove Studios partner shop, you simply make a station available for Cove rentals and keep its calendar up to date so that artists can rent it through our system. Artists will reserve your chair and pay using Cove’s system. Typically, stations are made available 10am to 8pm.

See below for details on managing calendars and what you must supply with each station.

Contact us to get started.

What to expect from Cove Studios

Cove Studios will advertise your shop to artists on our website, social media, and through paid ads.
Cove’s systems will facilitate all bookings and payments so you don’t have to do any extra work.
Cove will pay you on time and conveniently via ACH bank transfer or check.

What to expect from artists who book your station

Artists who book your station are obligated by Cove’s terms of use to:

  • Set up and clean up their station each time they use it.

  • Follow you shop’s Infection Prevention and Control Plan.

  • Be respectful to other artists and customers in your shop

Violation of these terms can mean that the artist is no longer allowed to book through the Cove networks.

Revenue split and payments

Cove charges artist a flat rate typically $150 USD or 130€ / day.
Cove takes a commission of rentals which we put into our business including advertising to artists.

Each month, Cove will transfer all of your revenue to your bank or can mail you a check if you prefer. Payments are made in USD.

How to manage your calendar in Cove

Calendar management is easy with our shop admin. Just set your available days/times in the calendar and block out any dates when the space will not be available. Artists booking your shop will only book available days.


What you include with your stations

The artist is expected to bring his/her own machine, needles, and any special inks. Your shop will supply the rest. This will include:

A typical Cove Station

A typical Cove Station

Typical supplies at a Cove Station

Typical supplies at a Cove Station

Station Furniture / Equipment

  • Tattoo bed/chair for customer, stool for artist, armrest, medical tray or “Mayo Tray”, floor lamp, power outlets, scissors

  • Inks

Disposables and medical supplies

  • Gloves, ink caps, rinse cups, lap cloths, tongue depressors, razors, paper towels, plastic wrap, barrier film, medical tape, clip cord sleeves, cohesive bandage.

Ointments / Topicals

  • Tattoo lubrication / aftercare, stencil stuff, Bactine antiseptic spray, alcohol in spray bottle, hand sanitizer, green soap solution (squeeze bottle), distilled water,

Sharps container and waste basket

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